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More Energy-Saving Tips for Staying Cool This Summer July 15, 2009

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splashA couple months ago I posted about a guest blog I did on Lyved.com on how to stay cool this summer without wasting energy. I included some tips such as using fans instead of air conditioning, planting shade-providing trees around your home, and using energy-efficient window treatments. However, there are lots of ways to keep yourself cool this summer without putting a strain on your wallet. Sometimes it takes some creativity, but the money you’ll save will be worth it! Here are some more easy, no-cost ways to save energy and keep cool!

1. Ever notice how hot it gets in your laundry room, especially with the door closed? Washers and dryers emit a ton of heat, so wash only full loads to cut down on run times. Also, try to eliminate using the dryer altogether by hang-drying on a clothesline. This way you won’t have to use your AC as much, and you’ll be saving money on water and electric bills from less dryer use.

2. Time your showers to help you cool off throughout the day. There’s a reason why pigs and elephants roll around in the mud when it’s hot out. I’m not saying to take a mud bath, but you can take a cue from these animals and use shower time as cool-off time; taking cool showers at the hottest times in the day will help you stay cool when you want to use your AC the most.

3. To go along with #2, don’t blow dry your hair. Not only does the blow dryer heat up your hair and head, which can make your whole body feel warmer, it blows hot air into your home.  Better yet, get a cool, shorter haircut!

4. Watch what you wear. Synthetic materials like polyester can trap heat, while natural materials like cotton and linen breath more easily. Try to wear clothes that aren’t too tight and allow air circulation between your skin and the fabric.

5. This is an interesting method, but it works! Wet your pulse points, like your wrists, with cold water, and keep them cool by applying ice or cold compresses wrapped in cloth. This could cool you down as much as three degrees!

And of course, if you absolutely must use the air conditioner, do so sparingly, and be sure to turn it off when you leave the house and at night. Also look for Energy Star products when purchasing an air conditioning unit.


Assembly Magazine June 9, 2009

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asmb_logo_1Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but we at Equity Thru Energy have been working hard on some exciting things that I will keep you all updated on. Although we’ve been busy, I did get the chance to contribute some insight on energy efficiency in the new June issue of Assembly Magazine. Senior Editor Austin Weber wrote a great article on the issue of energy efficiency in foodservice equipment, which is a huge issue not only because of concerns about emissions but because of the rising cost of energy in today’s economic recession as well. Read about the new opportunities and challenges that energy efficiency is creating for foodservice equipment manufacturers, the current and future federal guidelines for equipment, and how manufacturers can green their equipment in Weber’s article, “Appliance Assembly: Less is More.”

Stay Cool this Summer Without Wasting Energy May 18, 2009

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You may have noticed the temperature going up in the past month or so, but that doesn’t mean you have to see the numbers on your electricity bill go up with it. I recently wrote a guest post for Lyved.com on ways you can beat the heat without having to crank up the AC and watch your bill skyrocket. Take a look here, and while you’re there, be sure to read the rest of the great content that Lyved.com has to offer!

California Ranks in Top 10 for Highest Energy Costs April 16, 2009

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The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council released their Energy Cost Index for 2009 ranking the states in order of energy prices, taking into account electricity and gas costs. Unsurprisingly, California came in at #44 tied with New Hampshire; in other words, we have the seventh highest energy prices in the nation. However, the title of state with the highest energy costs went to Hawaii, while the the lowest energy prices are in Wyoming, followed closely by Idaho.

Chief Economist at the SBE Council wrote in the introduction to the Index, “The costs of energy are impacted by a variety of factors, including economic growht, investment in exploration and evelopment of resources, the particular energy resources being utilized (such as coal, natural gas or renewables), political risks (for example, in terms of risks to oil production at home and around the globe), and government mandates, regulations and taxes.”

This news kind of makes me want to move to Wyoming, considering the current state of the economy and how difficult it is to shell out wads of cash to keep the lights on every month. However, this report is a good reminder that because energy prices are so high, there is a lot of potential there for big savings, if we monitor our energy use habits. So before you leave the house with the lights on, blast the air conditioning or drive to the store that is a couple blocks away instead of walking, think about how much energy – and money – you could be saving. To download the full list of states and their rankings, click here.

Habitat for Humanity Goes Solar! March 31, 2009

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It’s great to hear when a company or organization goes solar. But when I read about Habitat for Humanity in Anaheim going solar, I was completely blown away. Here is an organization that already does so much good for people around the world, and now they are doing even more to help the environment. Habitat for Humanity coordinated with Anaheim Public Utilities, which provides a rebate for installing solar panels. Read the details of their switch to solar on the OC Register’s Green blog.

Not only is this great news, but also a reminder that there are A LOT of great programs and rebates offered through the government and utilities that can help with the costs of replacing appliances or goin solar. Equity Thru Energy is proud to be one company offering energy savings programs in San Diego, but there is bound to be one that is right for you in your neighborhood if you do a little digging. Please take advantage of these programs if you haven’t already, because you could end up saving money, and the planet while you’re at it!