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Building My Blogroll March 4, 2009

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I’m always on the lookout for cool and interesting sites, especially ones about energy, energy saving and the environment. Today I came across The Good Human, a really stellar blog started in 2006 that encourages people to be better humans through various means, and a lot of the blog is dedicated to being greener and helping the environment. I love reading this blog because not only does it promote sustainable living but it is great for people that may want to find out more about how to be green without completely giving up their current lifestyle. There are some very interesting articles, giveaways, and easy tips and tricks like the “Do One Thing” series (the most recent installment is on saving ink and reducing waste).
I’m adding The Good Human to my blogroll. Like I said, I’m always interested in discovering new sites about energy and the environment, feel free to comment and let me know which ones you read!


1. Paul @ Green Pepper - March 13, 2009

Great blog you’ve got here, Tom! Will add your feed to my daily reading list and drop by with comments.
You’d be most welcome at Green Pepper any time! I hope you find it an interesting and informative read on eco-friendly living and environmental issues.

Tom - March 20, 2009

Hi Paul! Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your feed. I checked out your blog too and it’s got great content. I’ll add you to my daily reading and my blogroll as well. I look forward to future discussions!

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