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Making Your Pool Eco-Friendly February 18, 2009

Posted by Tom in energy savings, Equity Thru Energy, Technology, Tips and Tricks.
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Pools are a great way to cool off and relax, and they save time and money for those who want to enjoy a quick dip without having to drive all the way to the beach.  However, there are millions of swimming pools in America today, all of them continuously using (and wasting) water and energy. The work that I do with Equity Thru Energy helps owners of commercial pools and spas save energy by installing controllers that adjust the run times of pool and spa heaters to account for factors such as natural heating from the sun. They also alert pool and spa owners of malfunctioning equipment which further prevents energy loss. To learn more about the program, please click here.

Since our program is for commercial pools and spas, I am often asked by individual owners of private residential pools and spas what they can do to save energy. So I’ve comprised a list of some energy-saving tips for pool and spa owners in this post. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments; I would love to hear more ideas.

1. If you are thinking about installing a pool, consider a salt water pool. They use less chemicals and have lower evaporation rates. The difference in the evaporation and chemical rates are not gigantic, so do some research before jumping in right away.

2. Choose an eco-friendly pool cleaning company. Many pool cleaners have to drain the entire pool in order to clean it, wasting gallons of water each time. Try to find a pool cleaning service that does not have to drain your pool during each cleaning, and uses chemicals that are easy on the environment.

3. Use a water-saving pool filter. Traditional pool filters can use 180-250 gallons of water in a single backflushing.

4. Install a pool cover. Pool covers prevent evaporation, which wastes water, heat and chemicals. Dark pool covers also absorb heat, which can cut down on heating costs.

5. Perform regular maintenance checks. Malfunctioning equipment is a large cause of energy waste in pools. Be sure to perform or have a professional perform regular maintenence checks in order to prevent spikes in energy costs.


1. ribsythedog - February 18, 2009

kool blog

2. Hilary Kaye - February 18, 2009

Good info — i don’t have a pool, but am forwarding this to some friends who do. I know they are freaked out about rising electrical bills.

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