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Have a Green Valentine’s Day February 11, 2009

Posted by Tom in Tips and Tricks.
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During the holiday season in December, I was introduced to a great program called SolarAid, that is bringing solar energy to developing countries. I thought that donations to the program on behalf of friends and family were the perfect green gifts to give (and continue to give – to learn more visit their website). Now that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I have been looking for creative green gifts for the loved ones in my life.

I’ve noticed that a lot of Valentine’s Day gifts like pink and red stuffed animals or lavishly decorated heart-shaped cards often end up either lying around collecting dust or in the trash. However, a friend told me about Heart is Hot, a concept created by Sahara Damore. How it works: purchase hearts on the Heart is Hot website, and give them to your loved ones. Each heart comes with a number that you can input on the website, which allows you to write a special message to each person receiving a heart, and each person can in turn write a response back to you.

There are so many reasons why I think these hearts are a great Valentine’s Day gift idea, and an ideal alternative to traditional Valentine’s gifts. They are made of 100% recycled glass, and each is made individually so that no two hearts are the same. They are also meant to be re-gifted. The website has a mapping system that tracks each heart and the messages along with it, so you can see how far your heart has travelled or where your heart has been. And if that’s not all, Heart is Hot is donating $2 of every heart purchase this month to the Unstoppable Giving Foundation, which is raising money to help build schools in Africa. To learn more or purchase some hearts, visit the Heart is Hot website.


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