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Post-Katrina New Orleans to Go Green January 28, 2009

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New Orleans has always been known more for its bayous and Mardi Gras beads than its environmental stewardship. However, its reputation may change very soon, since many of the restoration efforts have an eco-friendly aspect attached to them. Solar panels are being installed on many homes, some even for free, and urban organic farming is an emerging trend in the city. Local government officials are discussing environmental and energy policies more than ever before, and last year the City Council approved an enery-efficiency program to improve 2,800 properties per year with proper insulation and compact fluorescent lighting. The city also has a new fleet of hybrid buses. To read more about the green renovations, see the article in the Chicago Sun-Times.

It is great to hear that the city is keeping green improvements in mind during  the restoration process. Clean energy, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly urban organic farming are not only good for the planet but also good for the city’s budget, since these improvements will save New Orleans big bucks in upcoming years. New Orleans is a great example that it is important to keep energy efficiency in mind not only when making changes to existing structures, but when designing and building new structures as well. Although the initial cost may be higher, the monetary savings will be well worth it in the long-run and the environmental impact will be much lower. There are many organizations that are helping to green the “new” New Orleans, such as Green Light New Orleans, which is providing and installing free CFL light bulbs to New Orleans residents, and Global Green USA, an organization rebuilding schools and homes with green improvements, as well as working with local and state authorities to implement green policies.


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