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Waste Heat and Global Warming January 26, 2009

Posted by Tom in Uncategorized.

We’ve all heard about how greenhouse gases affect the environment, but have you ever thought about appliances, cars, light bulbs and power power plants, and how much heat they emit?

In case that last question got you into a panic, the amount of heat that the aforementioned things emit is actually not much, at the present time. However, astrophysicists such as Eric J. Chaisson predict that this “waste heat” may actually play a much more significant role hundreds of years into the future. Chaisson explains that if our energy use (and lack of clean energy use) continues on its current trend, the Earth’s temperature could rise at least 3 degrees Celsius.

This may not seem like a lot, but it would actually cause a dramatic change in sea level, causing more flooding, and mass extinction of some species, since temperature affects how and if species survive and thrive.

Although 300 years is some time away from now, mass species extinction is a big deal, and we should do our best to prevent the climate change for as long as possible. The best things we can do are to continue to watch our energy use, and even more importantly, continue to develop ways to harness clean energy, energy that naturally comes to our planet rather than energy that we must produce.

Are you concerned about waste heat and global warming, even though the effects will probably not be seen for another 300 years?


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