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Inauguration Day Energy Savings January 19, 2009

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With Inauguration Day tomorrow, many are making the trek across the country to witness the historic event. Washington is preparing for a record turnout, which is great to hear, but that also means that there will be a lot more people in energy-guzzling cars, planes, and hotels for the big day. If you are travelling to Washington D.C. for Obama’s inauguration, here are a energy- and earth-saving tips to keep in mind so you can enjoy your travels guilt-free. Even if you aren’t travelling this week, be sure to keep these in mind next time you decide to pack your bags and head out the door.

1. If you’re travelling by car, make the most of the backseat and invite others to carpool along with you. Plus, road trips are always better with friends. Check out TripVerde to find others who are travelling the same direction as you are.

2. Pack light, and check it twice. More weight in your luggage means more fuel to carry it, whether you’re on the road or in the sky. So keep your baggage to a minimum and double check to see that you have everything, to avoid making trips back to the house for forgotten items.

3. Forget the disposable cameras and go digital. Digital cameras hold more pictures and are better for editing, sharing and printing. They also help cut down on e-waste since they aren’t thrown out after each use.

4. Monitor your carbon footprint. Visit this great website, www.carbonfootprint.com, which lets you track your emissions throughout your trip.

5. Once you arrive at your destination, use public transporation to get around. Buses are a great way to sightsee without having to worry about driving around an unfamiliar city, and you’ll cut down on your carbon emissions at the same time.

6. Even if you aren’t travelling to the Inauguration and enjoying the event at home, keep your Inauguration Day party green by using reusable plates, utensils and cups, or biodegradable or recyclable materials.

7. A new year and a new administration calls for a new you! While we are all anxious and excited to see what the Obama administration has in store for us and for the environment, remember that our own participation in saving energy and saving the planet is just as important as government policy. So stay conscious of your energy use and waste every day!


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