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World of Greencraft? January 16, 2009

Posted by Tom in energy savings, Interesting stories, Technology.

Energy efficiency isn’t a game…Well, not yet at least. A professor at Stanford University suggested a new way to motivate people to save energy through an online game. Energy efficiency would be measured by smart meters in the player’s home, and each person who plays the game would earn efficiency points by saving energy in real life, which is linked to their virtual environment.

Although I’m not a huge online gamer myself, I think this is a fantastic idea. It links the energy efficient lifestyle with the culture of a significant amount of our population. Millions of people enjoy online gaming, so why not create a way to actually have these online games affect our real lives in a positive way? Although Professor Reeves has already garnered interest from some utility companies and the Department of Energy, the biggest obstacle in the development and launch of the game would be to create enough interest and appeal to consumers. Somehow having your avatar make sure it turns off the lights or only uses the dishwasher when it’s a full load isn’t as exciting as slaying mythical dragons or protecting a village from an evil army of goblins and trolls. To read the full story from earth2tech, click here.

What do you think? Would people be interested in playing this game?



1. World of Greencraft? | Online Gaming - January 16, 2009

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