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Solar too expensive? Lease it! January 8, 2009

Posted by Tom in Energy costs, energy savings, Technology.
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One major setback for people considering solar energy for their homes and/or businesses is cost. However, there are plenty of programs out there for those that are committed to saving energy and helping the environment without breaking the bank. For example, a company based in Foster City, Calif., SolarCity, offers a residential leasing option so homeowners can start utilizing clean, solar energy without the high upfront cost. Homeowners simply pay a portion of their energy bill savings. They still save, and do something great for the environment by going solar.

It is great to see companies that offer alternative energy and energy-saving products so that the average consumer can afford them. As businesses in the energy industry, we need to not only continue to find solutions for people but also make them accessible consumers.


1. solarmel - January 9, 2009

Hey really like your blog.Why is it we don’t have more small scale solar solutions for people in rental accommodation.

2. Happy Earth Day! « Worth the Energy - April 22, 2009

[…] and Arizona, and you could potentially save even more if you factor in utility rebates. I did a post awhile back on this company and they are doing some really great things with making solar energy options available to a wider […]

3. www.rebelmouse.com - July 3, 2014

These can, however, be very noisy and produce a lot of fumes, so are
often not preferred by solar owners. Your excess body heat
will warm them up so that they are not ice cold when you put them
on the next day. There are tons of outdated resources supplied by folks trying
to make quick cash, those resources are not to be relied on.
It is a very cruel crime to endanger any species of the nature.
Generally, cost is the major factor that prevents us from checking into this
undertaking. ‘ Quality of passive solar heater prominently depends upon the water temperature.

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