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Giving the Gift of Light to Developing Nations: SolarAid December 11, 2008

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A family member introduced me to this relatively new organization (it offically started in 2006) and I thought it would be great to share the information with all of you, considering the holiday season and the fact that many of you may be looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones.

SolarAid is an organization that is dedicated to giving the gift of clean, renewable power to those who cannot afford or do not have acess to it. Right now, their focus is on sub-Saharan Africa, where many do not have electric lighting and rely on burning kerosene for light and cooking, which is both expensive and dangerous since many are forced to cook inside their homes. SolarAid carries out projects such as training communities how to build small  scale solar devices such as solar powered radios and lanterns and installs small solar systems for various communal infrastructure.

I think this is a great program because it is not only helping to provide efficient means of energy to impoverished parts of the world, but it is environmentally friendly. It’s so important to educate the people of developing nations about the uses and benefits of renewable, clean energy like solar power and make it accessible to them.

So what does this have to do with the holidays? If you are looking for a great, green gift for family or friends, you can purchase life-changing gifts for people living in countries like Tanzania, Malawi, Zambi and Kenya.  Gifts range from a solar lantern, to a day’s training for 10 villagers to learn about building their own solar devices, all the way to providing electricity for 60 people using a local health centre. SolarAid will send you a card to give to family and friends to let them know that they helped people less fortunate as well as helped in the crusade to save the planet!  Please visit the SolarAid website to learn about this fascinating organization and how to “give the gift of light this Christmas.”



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