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Are Your Priorities Green? October 10, 2008

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Going Green. . . Energy Savings. . . Global Climate Change. . . Recycling. . . For some people, these words evoke strong emotions. Environmental issues are at the top, or near the top, of their life’s priority list. For others, green issues (except for greenbacks) barely register on their emotional meters and they don’t find their way into their daily lives.

Worth the energy. Certainly, there is no shortage of information, or commentary on the information out there. So why am I adding my two-cents and creating this blog?

Very simply, I have been interested in, and involved with, environmental issues throughout my life. My business life has been focused on combining business and environment – reducing traditional energy usage through solar power, temperature controls, you name it. I am one of the people who holds the environment as a top priority. And I’m looking forward to using this blog to share some of my thoughts – and encourage comments and start a dialogue with some of you.

How badly we are damaging the environment, and how quickly is this damage accelerating? Will our great-grandchildren or even our children truly bear the brunt of our environmental mistakes? Going green – it’s a snappy phrase, but how do we best do this? Can we right the ship by all of us going green in our own way, in our own lives? Energy savings – can we really find ways to save money and spare the environment at the same time? What about global warming? Is that political rhetoric or are we in for really big trouble in the decades ahead?

I ponder all of these issues. And I hope many of you do the same. I look forward to our chats and hope to share some insights gained through many years of firmly believing that it is Worth the Energy to make worthwhile changes.


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